Russian Sneaker Brand AFour: A Deep Dive into Luxury and Quality

Russian sneaker label AFour is the most sought-after brand you’ve been sleeping on. The luxury brand uses leather made from the same factory from which Rick Owens buys his materials.

The company is equipped with four injection molding machines Desma and supplies shoes for safety to Rosneft Oil Company>> PAO, Uralvagonzavod Research and Production Corporation>> AO, Russian Railways>> FGUP and others.

Russian leather workmanship

A former economist, Vladimir Grigoriev, changed his profession in 2009 and started an shoemaker’s workshop in St. Petersburg. He now oversees a team that makes shoes based on models or designs made by customers. Running shoes or boots costs between $90-$160, whereas bespoke models are about 20 percent more. Grigoriev’s team utilizes a mixture of materials like Russian leather as well as imported soles from Vibram as well as Italian companies.

In 2019, LOK>> OOO produced 150000 pairs of safety footwear made of leather. The company’s facilities employ injection molding as well as lock stitch cement, as well as vertical cement shoe-construction techniques. Customers include NLMK>> PAO, and Federal State Unitary Enterprise State Corporation of Organization of Air Traffic in the Russian Federation>>.

The company is a manufacturer of safety footwear made from leather. Its facilities include Desma injection molding machines. Its products are sold through large Russian distributor networks and directly to customers. The company’s production facilities also contain lock-stitch as well as cement welt fastening methods for fixing soles. Zapadbaltobuv>> delivers safety footwear to Yantarenergo>> PAO, Kaliningradteploset>> AO and NLMK>> PAO. The plant can produce 2.6 million pairs annually. Two injection units of Main Group (Italy) are installed at the facility. It produces footwear using PU, PU/TPU and PU/rubber soles. The company sells its majority of its footwear via large Russian distribution networks.

High-end Russian footwear

For designer Rustam Afonin, the process of creating the perfect pair of shoes is a constant passion. Every pair of shoes is designed by Rustam and his team employing traditional materials and Russian manufacturing methods. It can take anywhere from one to six months. This results in a shoe that is as unique as it is practical. Afonin’s shoes are made from an exclusive type of leather referred to as Russian Leather, which is tough and waterproof.

In 2006, the business makes safety footwear with a full cycle production plant comprising two injection molding units Desma. The company offers giay da nam cao cap products with the PU/TPU, PU/nitrile and PU/PU soles. It also utilizes lock-stitch and welt cement methods of fastening for fixing soles. Zapadbaltobuvis able to supply its products through dealers and major Russian distributors.

In 2019, Yachting> produced around 650,000 pairs of safety leather footwear (+3 percent over the previous year). The company has four injection molding machines Desma and has a license from W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc produces footwear using GORETEX(r). (Captain Gore). Yachtingprovides safety shoes to RusHydro PAO, Rosneft Oil Company>> PAO, ANK Bashneft>> PAO and Uralvagonzavod Research and Production Corporation>> > AO.

The footwear that is designed in Russian tradtions mainly includes ‘valenki’. These winter boots made from felted sheep’s wool have for a long time been as iconic for Russia as matryoshka dolls or samovar. They feature stylish design on comfortable and thick soles, the ‘valenki’ are ideal for cold winter days.

giay da nam cao cap

Russian luxury footwear brands

The shoes manufactured by the Strobbs brand are worn by Russian military personnel, so you know they will perform well in tough conditions. The shoes are genuine leather inside and outside. They are sturdy and comfy to wear while standing for long durations or participating in parades. These Russian leather shoes are the best for anyone who wants a high-quality pair of shoes for a reasonable price.

Rustam’s love for shoes began when his mom bought him a new pair of shoes as a young child. He works hard today to create masterpieces worthy of any museum. He could take up to six months creating the shoes he wants to wear using traditional materials and Russian production methods.

Moderam>> is a production and technologic company founded in 1993. The company is a complete-cycle enterprise that produces footwear beginning with cutting skin uppers and ending with packaging of finished products.

In 2019, the company produced 2 million pairs of leather safety footwear (plus 5,2% compared to 2018). Moderamsupplies footwear to ArtakObuv, PO Sevmash>>AO and MUPPVMES>>.

Moderamhas announced an all-new line of leather safety shoes that feature GORETEX membrane. Captain Gore>> in 2020. The footwear can endure temperatures as low as 50oC. Self-heating, anti-slip, and self-warming mechanisms are the principal attributes of this footwear.

Top brands of leather shoes in Russia

In the Russian market, Obuv Rossii Group is one of the top players in the mid-price range. The chain’s own manufacturing factories are equipped with computerized Orisol systems. These systems boost the productivity of workers by 5-6 times.

The company is specialized in the production of safety footwear. The company is equipped with four Desma injector molding machines that can make soles made of polyurethane and two-layer thermopolyurethanes (PU/TPU) and rubber/nitrile or PU/nitrile. The factory provides footwear to Rosneft, Russian Railways, Saint Petersburg Metro GUP, AO and OTEK.

AFour, a premium brand of sneakers, founded in 2009 by Russian sneakerheads is a fresh company. The shoes are developed by the laboratory of the company and made in St. Petersburg. The brand makes use of high-quality materials, like heavy Russia leather.

Shoemaker Rustam Izmaylov left his career as an economist to pursue a desire for design in footwear and production. The shoes he makes are unique and take up to six months to make from beginning to finish. His team design and creates custom-made shoes for a variety of customers. Customers can choose the style or model, color, or sole of their footwear. A pair of shoes costs between $90-$160, with bespoke designs costing 20% more.

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